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Canada Wood promotes wood construction and green building in Beijing

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

February 6, 2018

The Honourable Premier of British Columbia John Horgan makes an opening remarks at the forum in Beijing on January 24th, 2018.

Canada Wood China joined forces with BC Premier John Horgan and the Chinese government to promote the synergies of wood construction and green building at a recent policy forum in Beijing.The forum —organized by Canada Wood China, featured speakers from B.C. and China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), both of whom presented on best practices in wood construction, with a focus on advancing low-carbon development.

The Honourable John Horgan Premier of British Columbia and Chen Yimin, Chief Engineer of MOHURD, made opening remarks to over 200 professionals and stakeholders, including senior government officials, university professors, designers and developers under the theme of “International Policies on Wood Construction and Green Building.”“China is increasingly focused on environmentally sustainable construction,

Susanna Laaksonen-Craig, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Climate Action Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment, British Columbia, Canada, shared a Canadian’s perspective in the idea of low carbon construction with wood at the forum.

and B.C. is taking every opportunity to promote the environmental benefits of wood building products and systems,” said Premier Horgan in his opening remarks. “We are not only marketing wood products and technologies, but also engaging with key government policy and decision makers, so we can expand markets for B.C. forestry products.”

China is the second largest export market for British Columbia softwood lumber after the United States.  B.C. softwood exports to China totaled 5 billion yuan ($1 billion) in 2016, 14 times more than 2003.“We are seeing rapid developments in wood construction, which align with China’s strategic efforts in sustainable growth and green development,” said Ms. Wen Linfeng, Deputy Director General of Science, Technology and Industrialization at MOHURD.

Dr. Hou Wenjun, Deputy Director, Division of International Science & Technology Cooperation, MOHURD, greets audiences as a host of the forum.

Wen was followed by four professors from Nanjing Tech University, Shanghai Jiaotong University,Beijing Forestry University and Shanghai Tongji University, who addressed wood construction industry development in Europe and Japan as well as research and development of mid-high rise wood construction in China and abroad.The forum also invited three experts from Canada who introduced the idea of embodied carbon in wood construction.

Helen Goodland, Managing Partner, Brantwood Consulting, discussed about the concept of embodied carbon and the life cycle of buildings. She also gave an overview to international policies around the world regarding embodied carbon of buildings and infrastructure

Susanna Laaksonen-Craig, Assistant Deputy Minister of BC’s Climate Action Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment shared a Canadian perspective on low carbon construction with wood at the forum.Helen Goodland, Brantwood Consulting, explained building life cycle concepts plus provided an overview of international policies regarding embodied carbon.

David Fell of FPInnovations Vancouver, introduced his research into carbon savings estimation and how to quantify low carbon benefits of wood construction.“This was another successful effort under the Joint Working Committee framework between China and Canada. It featured many high level speakers both two countries, and

David Fell, Research Leader of Market Intelligence, FPInnovations from Canada, introduced his research in carbon savings estimation and how to quantify low carbon benefit of wood construction.

attendees from government, academia and industry” said Dr. Hou Wenjun, MOHURD, in closing.

“It provided abundant and valuable insights related to policy drivers, market trends and technical development. We appreciate efforts made by our Canadian partner in collaboration with MOHURD,” he added.