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Canada Wood Released China Tracking Wood Project report

Lance Tao

By Lance Tao

April 15, 2019

Canada Wood China (CW China) released the Tracking Wood Project Starts Report with the goal of helping the wood construction industry better understand developments and trends in the China market.

The report provides statistics of new wood construction starts in six Chinese key provinces from a survey conducted in 2018. Quarterly statistics of floor areas are analyzed for six building categories.

Provinces of Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Hubei and Shandong are selected due to their leading positions in wood construction development. The six provinces account for 42% of China’s GDP and 37% of the country’s population as of 2018.

Key findings include:

    1. Resort and residential projects lead the way
      By building category, resort and residential projects ranked as the top two segments; Office and commercial projects had moderate growth from Q2 to Q4. Category of Science, education, culture and health (SECH) remained small share. Transportation category was also tracked, it had a share of 4% in Q4 of 2018.
  1. Estimated three million sq.m of wood construction was built in 2018
    • The construction floor area of the new projects started in Jiangsu reached 179,830 sq. m in 2018, ranking number one in the six provinces covered in the report. It was followed by Shandong (178,820 sq. m) and Guangdong (140,919 sq. m).
    • New project starts in Sichuan was strong in Q1 2018 while project starts slowed down from Q2 till Q4.
    • New projects started in Hebei and Hubei provinces continued to increase in 2018 and Hubei became the strongest province among the six in Q4.
    • Total construction floor area of all wood projects started in the six provinces reached 842,062 sq. m in 2018. The estimated annual wood construction started in the year is over three million sq. m, including privately built and non-registered projects.