Canada Wood to Connect with Architects and Builders at KAFF

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

As the Korean building industry regroups after COVID-19, bringing together the fraternity of architects and discussing the road ahead returned to the agenda. The Korea Architecture Fair and Festival, one of the largest organized by the Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) has championed the profession for over 17 years. The annual trade fair is a must-attend event facilitating practitioner education and showcasing the dynamic beauty and innovation of architectural materials and solutions. This year’s theme is the discovery of green & sustainable construction materials.

Helping the Korean construction sector to unlock the low carbon benefits of wood building, we have returned to participate in the KAFF and share the secrets of Canadian innovative solutions such as Midply shearwall, Nail-laminated Timber and prefab wooden infill wall panels.

A concurrent seminar on wood wall bracing was held at the show venue and attracted over 130 participants. We developed this series over the years to help Korean engineers and designers apply prescriptive and streamlined seismic design techniques for small scaled wood construction.

Canada Wood is thrilled to be able to connect with Korea’s leading architects and designers through this platform and move the green agenda forward.