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Canadian delegation visited milestone infill wall demo project in Rugao

Lily Sun

By Lily Sun

Business Development Director, Canada Wood China

November 18, 2019

Canadian mission delegates visited the Matechstone Rugao plant, China’s first commercial trial combining precast concrete frame structure and a hung wall wood infill system applied in its office building.


Doug Donaldson, British Columbia (B.C.) minister of forests, lands, natural resource operations and rural development, led a delegation that included senior executives of B.C forest companies and associations visited the Rugao factory demonstration of Shanghai Electric Matechstone Engineering Group (MTS), a leading manufacturer in construction industrialization sector in China.


The Rugao demonstration project is the first commercial trial in China that combines a precast concrete frame structure and a hung wall wood infill system (Prefabricated Energy-saving Cladding, PEC 2.0) after the inserted wood infill wall system (PEC 1.0) was successfully launched in the MTS Taixing project in June 2019.


The first hung wall panel was installed on the day. “Adopting wood use in prefabrication improves efficiency in production and installation. It takes only 15 minutes to install one hung wall panel.” Said Lin Fan, CEO, Board Director, Shanghai Electric Matechstone Engineering Group (MTS).

The MTS Rugao project, with a floor area of 2034 m2, will use SPF, Douglas-fir in its construction. The main structure is expected to be completed by early December 2019. The PEC installation will start after the main structure is completed. Targeted completion for the project is January 2020.


The Rugao demo project showed the long-term potential for wood use in China’s construction industrialization and how wood can help raise the rate of prefabricated projects in alignment with China’s ambitions for realizing targeted goals of green development and industrialized construction.

MOHURD is driving sector reform through construction industrialization. Prefabrication is targeted to be used in 15 percent of new buildings by 2020 and 30 percent by 2025 nationwide. The Chinse market started to recognize that building with wood is a prefabricated construction method.


In addition, this demonstration project could be an opportunity to improve PEC product for exterior wall applications, which will help increase the acceptance of Canadian wood products’ use in China’s mainstream construction industry.


Matechstone is a leading precast manufacturer in China with a complete supply chain in industrialized construction. Canada Wood China works closely with Matechstone to develop prefabricated hybrid wood construction projects in China, including demonstration projects combining precast concrete structures with prefabricated wood infill walls. These projects led to the development of a new building envelope system, branded as PEC System (Prefabricated Energy saving Cladding).


In recognition the firm’s quick growth in China’s industrialized construction, in 2018, Shanghai Electric, a major Shanghai state owned enterprise (SOE), injected substantial capital and became a major shareholder in MTS. Bolstered by this investment, MTS has launched an ambitious plan to expand concrete plants with wood infill walls in China.