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Canadian Hybrid P&B Demo House to Feature Canada Tsuga Built Up Beams

Yusuke Neriko

By Yusuke Neriko

July 25, 2018

This year Canada Wood will be featuring building assembly technical innovations in our Canadian Hybrid Post & Beam Demo House. As part of this project, one of the new promising trial initiatives that we are pursuing is Hem Fir (N) Built Up Beams made from standard sized squares. Since Canada Tsuga has an E-120 value, which translates into a high bending strength, horizontal beams maximize the advantage of the characteristics of Canada Tsuga. The product trials were also as a result of recommendations from leading structural engineers that were encouraged by the market potential of Hem Fir (N) BUB. To develop the sample trials of Canada Tsuga Built Up Beams we collaborated with partners in Nagano and Kochi Prefectures that had special experience in effectively drying and laminating timbers and squares.

We recently visited Sakawa Pre-cut in Kochi Prefecture to oversee production of Built-Up Beams (BUB) of Canada Tsuga. Thanks to innovative technology and their competent staff, the re-drying project was successful. Sakawa Precut effectively re-dryed the squares and fabricated three sizes of Built Up Beams: 105 x 210mm, 105 x 270mm and 105 x 330mm. The product sample trials confirmed the viability of drying 120×120 Canada Tsuga squares for use in Built Up Beams despite the inherent challenges of drying Hemlock. The BUB samples will be on display in the Canadian Hybrid House, which will be exhibited at the Japan Home Show this fall.