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Canadian Treated Wood Stakes Remain Intact In its 8th Year at Jinju Testing Site

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

April 5, 2019

Ph.D., Rod Stirling, FPInnovations’ Manager of New Construction Materials, visited Korea to conduct the joint annual inspection of Canadian treated wood at Jinju field testing site with Ph.D., Jong Bum Ra, Professor of Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, and, for the first time, with Ph.D., Jae Yoon Ryu, the Chairman of the Korea Wood Preservation Association, on March 4, 2019.

Jinju field testing site consists of ground contact stakes and ground proximity testing samples of 2 common and refractory wood species in Canada, White Spruce, and Hemlock. They were treated to CSA O80 series for residential applications with ACQ and CA in Canada and brought to Korea and installed at the site in 2010. Also, untreated controls, which had to be replaced every few years due to termite attack and decay, are provided for comparison.

The 8th year inspection results are once again encouraging. Treated 2X4 stakes and samples show no apparent decay or damage by termites. Also, the results strongly suggest that common Canadian refractory species such as White Spruce and Hemlock, properly treated for applications, can be used for specific residential applications and can last longer time with shallower penetration leading to higher retention. The result is contrary to conventional beliefs and wood preservation regulations in Korea.