Wood Infill Wall Project Turning into Café and Gallery Hub

A year ago, I introduced 4-storey, 21-meter cultural facility building using wood infill partition walls with a steel main structure near Seoul in Korea. Recently, I revisited the site to see the completed building. It has been transformed into a beautiful gallery and café and has become the most popular place for young couples to stay and enjoy coffee and arts.

This building applied the wood infill wall system on the exterior and the interior wood ceiling using dimension lumber. It gives a warm and cozy atmosphere comparing to the exposed steel structure and concrete floor.

The building owner and architect are satisfied with the wood infill wall system in terms of easy installation and energy efficiency.


CWK is planning to feature this building on one of the architecture magazines in Korea to promote the wood infill wall system and interior use of dimension lumber. All wood infill walls in this project are made of Canadian SPF dimension lumber and APA certified OSB.


The wood infill wall is an innovative hybrid building system Canada Wood Group promotes in order to expand the use of structural wood products in mainstream construction markets in China and Korea.

Largest Wooden Residential Project Planned in South Korea

Jangheung County, the first slow city in Asia, designated by Cittaslow, has signed an MOU in July with four construction-development companies for investing 72.5 Billion Won to build 300 units of wood-frame houses by 2025 under the brand name ‘LOHAS’ Town. Slow cities are characterized by way of life that supports people to live slow. Traditions and traditional ways of doing things are valued. The slow city stands up against the fast-paced lifestyle so often seen in other cities throughout the world. It has less traffic, less noise, fewer crowds.














The 300 units development, consists of 180 units of single detached houses and 120 units of townhouses, will be the largest wooden project in Korea. The first phase of 39 units will be completed by 2021.

















MOU Signing event for the project | Jangheung county


Jangheung County has already invested more than 70 billion Won in infrastructures, a 100-bed hospital and amenity facilities such as a community centre and an equestrian centre to attract residents to the area.


Jangheung is located in Jeollanam Province due south of Seoul and near Namhae (South Sea) with mild temperatures and a beautiful environment.


‘LOHAS’ stands for ‘Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability’ and ‘Life, Opportunity, Health, Activity and Story.’

The first online workshop held under COVID-19 pandemic.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, many tradeshows and industry events have been postponed or cancelled in order to protect the health of attendees, exhibitors, and employees.


Wood Wall Bracing Calculator Training Course with an original date in early September 2020 at BEXCO seminar room in conjunction with Canada Wood Korea’s participation in the 2020 Busan Korea Build has been postponed with the hope of holding the event in October 2020. But in response to the ongoing COVID-19, CWK decided to host an online Training Course on Sep 25. In fact, this e-learning system is expected to be the preferred communication tool after the industry has been smacked hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.


By this international online workshop on “Wood Wall Bracing Calculator Training Course,” 3 speakers, David Joo- President of HausTEC Engineering in Canada / Gak Gyung Kim of Duhang Structural Consultants Co., Ltd. in Korea / Architect Seung Hee Kang of NOVA Studio were invited as speakers for the workshop. They gave their presentations to over 100 online workshop participants all over the country.


Stay tuned for another successful online workshop stories!

Winning Design of Korea Forest Welfare Education Centre Applies Timber Use

Seoul-based architects Kawa and SoltoZibin has won a competition award for designing the Forest Welfare Education Centre in Daejeon. The winning design seeks to showcase a hybrid use of CLT, Glulam and wood infill wall systems to maximize the elaboration of both structure and function. The architects also hope the design could be applied as the replicable and scalable building model for various building typologies.

(3D Rendering: KAWA Architects and SoltoZivin Architects)








Both principals of the two architecture firms have been recognized in South Korea as the wood design champions and their passion and skills towards wood construction started with the engagement with Canada Wood Korea office’s mission and workshop programs. Mr. Samyoung Choi, the chief principal of Kawa, recently nominated as the Chief Master Planner of Jinju City, will take lead of the construction of the Forest Welfare Education Centre project.


Canada Wood Korea helped the architect to complete the wood infill wall design and will continue to provide technical support to the project.

Damyang Mini New Town Development in South Korea Bringing Opportunities for Wood Home Builders

Facing declining birthrates and depopulation, many of South Korea’s rural towns have been trying to deploy a series of policies and approaches to roll back this trend. Damyang, a county situated in the southmost province of Korea well known for its bamboo forests and craftworks, like many others, has been facing the double whammy of losing population to the rapid urbanization and of the ageing population. The town now has 48,000 residents, less than half of its peak in the 1960s.

As part of an ambitious goal to bring back its population to 60,000, Damyang county is developing a low-density mini new town with 1,452 housing units comprised of both single-family and multi-family homes and amenities for 4,500 residents. According to the plan, more than half of the units, 772 of them, will be built out of single-family housing, which is significantly higher than the usual 5% ~ 10% range for new town developments in Korea*.


All of the lots for single-family homes are already sold and major custom wood home builders are establishing their presence to connect with the potential customers.


*For example, one of new town development projects, Songsan Green City, with 150,000 planned population and 60,000 housing units, has about 5,265 lots allocated for single-family housing.

Damyang County is located in Jeonnam Province in Southern area of the Korea (Map cropped from Google Map)