The 9th Year Inspection of Canadian Treated Lumber in Korea completed

To meet Korea government standards for treated lumber, Canada Wood Korea initiated a multiyear outdoor “field stake performance test” in 2010. Inspections were undertaken annually to review the progress and result. 2019 marks the ninth year of the test and the inspection was carried out by three experts, Ph.D., Rod Stirling, FPInnovations’ Manager of New Construction Materials from Canada, Ph.D., Jong Bum Ra, Professor of Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, and Ph.D., Jae Yoon Ryu, Chairman of the Korea Wood Preservation Association.


















The data collected from the inspection will be compiled and analyzed for the final report. However, the preliminary result shows the strong performance of both stakes for ground contact testing and samples for ground proximity testing, thus providing the scientific data supporting the applicability of the CSA Standard O80 Series for the residential application in Korea.









In 2010, stakes and samples of Canadian Spruce and Hemlock lumber treated to CSA O80 Standard in Canada were brought to Korea and installed in Jinju. One last year has left before reaching the 10th year, which many Korean researchers, scholars and regulators deemed the necessary testing period to prove the validity of the CSA O80 Standards in Korea.

Pressure-treated wood has been widely used as a durable construction and landscaping material in Korea and is an important market for Canadian wood products.

Canada Wood Korea receives KIRA Award

Tai Jeong, country director of Canada Wood Korea, was honoured on November 27 with the Association Chairman Award from Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) for his contributions to the Korea housing industry. Tai received the award in recognition of his significant contributions to the improvement of the quality of eco-friendly buildings and the promotion of spreading green building materials and technologies into the Korea wood building construction market.


For more than a decade, Canada Wood Korea has worked with Korea government housing agencies, building code and product standard authorities as well as Korea architects, home builders and structural engineers in promoting wood buildings using Canadian wood products. Tai played a crucial role in building the light wood-frame construction industry’s growth in Korea.


Workshop Addressing Building Seismic-safety for Korean Architects and Builders held in Korea

Following a few high magnitudes of earthquakes detected near South Korea, there are growing concerns that the Korean Peninsula may no longer be safe from strong shock waves. Architects, structural engineers and builders in Korea has shown keen interest in building sound structures that can endure the severe earthquake strike. It has led to the Wood Wall Bracing workshop organized by Canada Wood Korea and Timber Engineering Lab of Chungnam National University (CNUTim) with the focus being in the excel-based structural engineering program designed for Small Wood Frame Houses. The program was jointly developed by both parties.

The well-attended workshop was approved by both the Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) and the Korean Professional Engineers Association (KPEA) as having respective 1-hour credit and 3-hour credit for continuing education required for both registered architects and structural engineers. The training attracted over 140 participants.