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China’s Policies Update

Holly Wang

By Holly Wang

September 9, 2019

In the first half of 2019, China introduced a number of policies in areas of green building, prefabrication and zero-waste cities.

Government Work Report 

Key decisions related to housing, construction and urban-rural development were highlighted in the 2019 work report of the State Council, including:

  • Reduce the tax rate in the construction industry from 10 percent to 9 percent;
  • Promote resource conservation, recycling and green buildings;
  • Develop the elderly care service industry by providing support including tax reductions, financial aid and subsidies on water, electricity and thermal prices to the institutions that provide care; and
  • Continue to promote the construction of affordable housing and improve impoverished urban areas, to make cities more inhabitable.

Law Amendments

Several law amendments were initiated to improve the efficiency of government administration, enhance environmental protection and green development, and establish a stable, fair and transparent business environment.

Construction Law Amendment

The amended Construction Law aims to optimize construction licensing process by reducing the approval time and related documentation. 

Fire Protection Law Amendment

The amended Fire Protection Law became effective on April 2019. According to the new legislation, MOHURD is tasked with responsibilities for fire control in construction projects. 

Draft Amendment to Forest Law

The Draft Amendment to Forest Law was reviewed on June 2019. The amendment covers forest ownership, harvesting quota, logging permits, and evaluation system. The draft is currently under public consultation.

Zero-Waste City Pilot Plan

The Zero-Waste City Pilot Plan was published by the State Council on January 2019. The Plan aims to minimize the amount of solid waste produced and maximize recycling. The document noted that ten cities were selected for the pilot program. By 2020, they are expected to become demonstration models for zero waste cities with a comprehensive waste management system.

Green Building Evaluation Standard

The newly revised Green Building Evaluation Standard, implemented in August 2019, includes wood frame construction as one of three building solutions along with concrete and steel systems. The standard also awards credits to wood-frame solutions for being an innovative construction technology. 

Prefabrication Update

Policy momentum was maintained in 2019 to promote prefabrication in the building industry. Regulations, implementation plans and performance measures to push forward prefabricated were well-developed in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Statistics show that the newly-built prefabricated construction floor space of China in 2018 reached 290 million m2, an increase of 81 percent over 2017.

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