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Construction Cost Comparison Research Shows the Competitive Advantage of Wood Frame Construction

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

June 8, 2014

Research report cover

Research report cover

Korean consumers are well aware of health, energy and environmental benefits of wood-frame houses. However, most of them have just assumed that the construction cost of wood frame houses would be more expensive than other methods such as reinforced concrete or steel framing.

The research commissioned by Canada Wood and conducted by Korea Wood Construction Association has proven what the wood construction industry has known for some time that wood frame construction has become more competitive over the years and it offers the best deal for consumers.

In the research, construction costs of a 2 storey single family home with 150 m2 of total floor area were estimated and compared among three construction methods: wood frame, reinforced concrete, and steel-frame. And it was found that wood frame construction offers biggest savings in two areas: structure and insulation.

The research has found that wood frame structure cost 82% of that of concrete and 84% of steel-frame, and insulation, about 50% of concrete. These savings can be contributed to the outstanding thermal insulation of wood, the advantages of dry construction method (labor and construction time saving), higher price of steel products and rigid insulation.

The researcher was conducted in collaboration with wood construction industry and academia. Three main researchers are Director Gab Bong Kim, Technical Committee, KWCA, Professor Sei Chang Oh, Department of Forest Resources, College of Life & Environmental Science, Daegu University and Professor Young Geun Eom, Department of Forest Products & Biotechnology, College of Forest Science, Kookmin University.

CWK in collaboration with KWCA will continue to promote the result of this research – cost effectiveness, environmental benefits and better performance of wood frame construction – to general consumers through seminars, workshops and other activities.