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CW China Partnered with Jiaotong University to Issue Guideline Book on Modern Timber Buildings

Lily Sun

By Lily Sun

Business Development Director, Canada Wood China

May 6, 2019

Canada Wood China (CW China) published the book, Guidelines for Modern Timber Structure Construction – Building Technology, in April 2019. The book, targeting China’s property developers and architects, helps key companies and individuals in the industry to implement modern wood construction (MWC) projects on the ground. This is the first booklet in China explaining key stages in managing MWC projects.

The book was a collaborative project between CW China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and key experts in the fields of construction design, national standards, project operation and installation. Professor Liujie from Jiaotong University who led this project is a well-known scholar. He published multiple papers and articles regarding timber design and one of his designed timber projects got nominated by the BC Wood Design Awards in 2018.

Taking seven months to complete, the book not only introduces an overall view of modern wood construction, but also provides guidelines for building wood constructions, including in the areas of project submission, design, manufacturing, supervision and cost management.

Since modern wood construction is relatively new in China, the book gathers several case studies from home and abroad, illustrating the advantages and feasibility of modern timber structures.

Wood construction buildings date back centuries in China, but there remains a lack of knowledge and applications in modern wood construction. The book clears up any concerns or confusion developers and architects may have when implementing modern wood constructions.