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CW China publishes updated supplier directory

Lance Tao

By Lance Tao

March 5, 2019

Canada Wood China published its 2018-2019 Directory of Wood Builders and Design Institutes in February 2019, providing company profiles, key services/products and contact information of wood builders and design institutes in China. The goal is to assist developers, designers and other key stakeholders in the country launch wood projects efficiently amid a fragmented wood construction market.

Over 189 wood builders and 30 design institutes are available using the link of Wood products wholesalers/distributors (in Canada and China) and manufacturers of prefabricated wood components (in China) can also be found on the link. By searching business type and location, users can find business partners quickly on the website.

The Research and Metrics division of Canada Wood China compiled the list after completing a market survey and due diligence. The directory is built on an earlier version of a directory drafted by the China Modern Wood Structure Construction Technology Industry Alliance (funded by Canada Wood China) in 2014, when 138 wood builders and 19 design institutes were included.