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CWK QS service and Canadian green technology are being materialized in Korea

By canadawood_admin

President, Canada Wood Group

May 29, 2012

Group photo with BC Premier Clark after the MOU

BHK Co., Ltd. is a major wood-frame housing developer and builder in Korea. Recently, BHK has completed a luxurious gated community project in Pangyo, just 20 km away from Seoul. These luxurious 22 single family houses are well arranged in the community, and all built with wood and customized in design. This successful project leads BHK to plan to develop an enormous wood frame housing complex on its own building site near Yongin-city, Gyeonggi-do. BHK has expressed an intention to apply Super E® House building technology to its new WF housing complex development including 250 townhouses and

CWK-BHK MOU Signing Ceremony with over 350 in attendance.

community centre. Canada Wood Korea (CWK), along with the Super E office signed an MOU on May 17, 2012 to assist BHK in promoting and building Super E® houses using Canadian-sourced materials in Korea. The Super E Office will provide the Super E® House technology and marketing plan while CWK will do quality support on design and build. BC Premier Clark attended the MOU signing ceremony and witnessed the MOU signing. Paul Newman of Canada Wood Group presented on CW’s mission in Korea and Jeff Culp of the Super E Office presented “Introduction of Super E House and technology”. In addition, more than 350 Korean and Canadian guests including Canadian Embassy, Canadian Green Building Delegations, Minister of Korean Ministry of Environment, Yongin-City Mayor, and Members of Korean Parliament participated in the MOU signing event. BHK is planning to start building 5 to 7 sample houses from July this year.