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Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa Expanding

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

February 6, 2017

Photo of Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa Expanding

Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa is rapidly expanding. A new concept resort hotel recently built in Japan, on the outskirts of Eastern Tokyo that caters to canine clients and their owners is doing extremely well. The property currently has 79 guest rooms built using the 2×4 construction method, but that isn’t enough to keep up with demand, and the owner is planning to expand the number of place to stay at the resort by 62 guest rooms next year. As such, a quasi-fireproof 2-storey building with a total floor area of 970m² is currently under construction which is scheduled to be completed in February. In addition to this, as large 3-storey 2×4 fireproof building with a total floor area of 3,656m² has been approved for construction on the property that will also add another 42 rooms to the resort when this building is completed later next year. The design firm for this resort is Architectural Office L’Esprit Nouveau, the general contractor is Akita Kensetsu Kougyou, and the owner is Unimat Group. It looks like platform frame construction is a winning combination not only for humans, but his’ best friend too.