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September 24, 2014

Perceptions of Canada’s Forest Products and Forest Management Practices

Léger – The Research Intelligence Group conducted two surveys in the first quarter of 2014. They canvassed hundreds of buyers of forest products from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia about their perceptions of our Canadian forest products and forest management practices, their use of wood as a building material, and key drivers impacting their wood purchasing decisions

The first survey evaluated the level of knowledge about the use and properties of wood as a building material. It revealed that information provided about Canadian wood and wood building systems leads to greater use of wood. The second survey evaluated stakeholder perceptions of Canadian forest products and forest management practices. It also measured their general awareness of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA). Key findings from this survey revealed that Canada is perceived as the best wood product supplier in terms of environmental practices and reputation, with 71% of those surveyed saying Canada’s environmental practices were better than average. The survey also revealed that most respondents consider sustainability a mainstream part of their business and perceive a strong forest management reputation to be a competitive advantage.

To obtain a copy of the full survey reports, please contact Cheryl Miltimore at [email protected]

September 19, 2014

Occasions d’affaires pour les producteurs canadiens de bois en Turquie

Récemment, la Turquie est une des économies qui a connu le plus de croissance dans le monde, laissant derrière elle un passé d’incertitude. Dans les dernières années, les secteurs des biens immobiliers et de la construction ont connu une croissance globale malgré les ralentissements causés par la crise mondiale de 2008-2009. Récemment, pour aider l’industrie canadienne des producteurs de bois à accroître sa présence sur ce marché dynamique, Ressources naturelles Canada a demandé à la société IBS Research & Consultancy d’Istanbul de réaliser une étude sur les possibilités qui existent en Turquie pour les producteurs canadiens de bois.

Selon les conclusions du rapport, le marché turc offre des possibilités aux fournisseurs canadiens de produits du bois à valeur ajoutée comme les maisons préfabriquées, les emballages et les composantes destinées à la menuiserie. Le Canada est perçu comme un fournisseur fiable en Turquie et les auteurs fournissent des recommandations pour aider les fabricants canadiens à se servir de cette réputation pour augmenter leur part de plusieurs secteurs de l’industrie des produits du bois en Turquie, particulièrement celui de la deuxième transformation et du meuble.

Pour obtenir une copie du rapport, veuillez communiquer avec Aude à [email protected]


September 19, 2014

Opportunities for Canadian Wood Producers in Turkey

Turkey has recently been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, putting behind it a history of volatility. In the last few years, the real estate and construction sectors have seen overall growth despite slowdown caused by the global crisis in 2008-2009. To help Canada’s wood products industry increase its presence in this dynamic market, Natural Resources Canada recently commissioned IBS Research & Consultancy of Istanbul to carry out a study of the opportunities for Canadian wood producers to expand their market share in Turkey.

The report concludes that the Turkish market does offer opportunities for Canadian suppliers of value-added wood products such as prefabricated housing, packaging and components for the joinery sector. Canada is perceived as a reliable supplier in Turkey and the authors provide recommendations to help Canadian manufacturers leverage this reputation in order to increase their share in most segments of Turkey’s wood products industry; in particular, Turkey’s remanufacturing and furniture sectors.

To obtain a copy of the report, please contact Aude at [email protected]