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Dream Home Canada Cup – competition of wood projects in culture & tourism sectors

Jason Li

By Jason Li

Project manager, Canada Wood Beijing

May 4, 2017

In recent years, the Chinese Government has encouraged the development of the third industry (Service Industry) including the culture and tourism sectors, where wood frame constructions (WFC) can fit well. WFC buildings have characteristics of being low-carbon, naturally beautiful, and environmentally friendly. As a result, there are many wood frame construction projects been built all over China. However it’s a pity that these excellent projects haven’t received great attention from the public, especially from professionals in the construction/ culture & tourism industry; therefore, they have lacked a platform to promote and advertise these projects.

As a response to the aforementioned developments, CW China decided to organize a competition of wood projects in the culture & tourism sectors – we called it the Dream Home Canada Cup (DHC Cup). We believe the competition can help expose WFC in the culture and tourism sectors to professionals (developers, DIs, designers, builders, etc.) in the field.

The competition was announced on October 15th, 2016 and we received 41 projects which met the criteria for the competition[1].

We invited a group of judges composed of government officials, professors, chief architects and developers to assess the projects. The judges are listed below:

The judges rated each project on a scale from 0 to 100. They should take three elements into consideration while rating, and each element takes different percentage: Design: 50 points; Wood application: 20 points and Influence of project: 30 points.

And the winners….:

The Best Office Building:

The Best Office Building: Suzhou Kunlun Lvjian Office Building in Office Building Category

The Best Mobile House:

The Best Mobil House: Royal Art Town Yacht House in Mobil House Category


The Best Design:

The Best Design: Dingxiang Valley Eco Hotel in Hotel Category


Finally there are 13 awards were set according to the results. We held the award ceremony on Mar. 22nd during Beijing Green Building Conference.

DHC Cup Awarding Ceremony on Beijing Green Building Conference