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Elderly Care Market Segment Remains Strong

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

January 30, 2017

The Japan 2×4 Home Builder Association reports another record-tying month for nursing home projects. In the month of December 2016, four 2×4 elderly care project applications (fireproof building applications) were received by the association. These four projects are to be built in different regions in Japan, which shows that demand for these types of structures remain strong throughout the country. The new nursing homes will be built in the coming year (2017) just south of Tokyo, in Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa (498m² / 3F), up north in Iwate Prefecture (1,200m² / 1F), on the outskirts of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture (2,627m² / 2F), and in Tokyo (2,078m² / 3F), with the average total floor area for these projects working out to be around 1,600m², with two of the four projects being 3-storey structures. Since COFI and the 2×4 Association acquired a Japanese government ministerial approval for 2×4 fireproof structures 13 years ago – 143 fireproof elderly care projects have been built in this county and demand for these types of buildings continues to remain strong as the Japanese society continues to grey and age.