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Expanding opportunities to use Dimension Lumber in Post and Beam

Yusuke Neriko

By Yusuke Neriko

November 5, 2018

We are working on a technical project to obtain third party voluntary evaluation of 2×10 and 2×12 dimension lumber in post and beam horizontal applications this fiscal year. This project will give both architects and structural engineers solutions ― long span horizontal diaphragms.

Lately, some Japanese lumber producers began to saw up logs into dimension lumber made of Sugi and Japanese dimension lumber was adopted some projects. But their sectional sizes are mainly 2×4 and 2×6, and length is 8 feet. Also, their E-value is typically around E-70. In other words, they are not suitable for horizontal applications as joists and rafters. The importance of this project is to enhance our market presence in what Japanese dimension lumber cannot do. Canadian dimension lumber can provide sectional sizes 2×4 to 2×12, and the upper limit of the length is 20 feet. And SPF E-values are 25% to 30% higher. We have several competitive advantages over Japanese dimension lumber in horizontal applications. This third party technical voluntary evaluation will clearly demonstrate the scientific basis for wide with dimension use in rafter and joist applications.

We have filed application forms for Center of Better Living last month. The evaluation is expected to complete by the end of this December and to expand market penetration of wide width dimension lumber in post and beam joist and rafter applications. We look forward to it.