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Fact Finding about Midply Wall System with FP Innovations

Yusuke Neriko

By Yusuke Neriko

July 25, 2018

In 2018, Canada Wood is actively promoting the Midply Shear Wall System to architects, builders and wood products end users in Japan. During a recent visit to Vancouver in June, Scott Anderson and myself visited FP Innovations to discuss Midply Wall System with Dr. Chun Ni and Dr. Marjan Popovski. The reasons we went there were to bring them up to speed about the present situation of Midply Wall System in Japan and to understand more of the background in the development and use of Midply in North America. The knowledge that we gained helps us deal with questions that we receive from Japanese architects and builders as part of our promotion activities. In order to promote Midply Wall System in Japan, we have to prepare convincing answers about the various questions that we are asked. Thanks to the support of FP Innovations, we are better prepared to field questions among our stakeholders.