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Fire Test Successful for PFC Floor Assembly

Hidehiko Fumoto

By Hidehiko Fumoto

Deputy Director and Manager Technical Services, Canada Wood Japan

June 8, 2014

fire test successful for PFC floor assemblyAfter the successful fire test for a PFC roof assembly, the floor assembly fire tests were also successful.  These tests are part of a Canada Wood FY2014-2015 market access project, where we are working on “Fireproof Testing of PFC Roof & Exterior Emergency Hallway Floor Assemblies for Large Scale Structures”.  Full size fire tests for the roof and floor assemblies are involved in the project.  We conducted four fire tests for floor assemblies at a horizontal furnace in one of the MLIT*1-designated performance evaluation bodies – two replicates each burning direction; burning to floor side and to ceiling side.  The specification of the assembly was 2×10 SPF floor joist framing sheathed with 12-mm thick structural plywood cladded with 2 layers of 21-mm water protective gypsum boards.  The ceiling side was also cladded with 2 layers of 21-mm water protective gypsum boards.  No insulation was installed.  As this test was to aim the ministerial approval of 1-hour fire resistive floor structure, the duration of the burning was 60 minutes, followed by the observation period of 3 hours; three times the burning time.  As all gypsum boards applied are water protective, the success of this test would benefit the architects and builders as this assembly will provide protection from precipitation under construction.  Large scale public structures invariably require exterior hallways as emergency escape routes which are currently fabricated with gypsum board treatments that are at risk of rain water damage – particularly given the fact that construction of large public structures generally requires several months to complete.

*Notes:             1) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism