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Growing wood Truss Use in Japan: Wooden Elementary School Project

Kevin Bews

By Kevin Bews

SPF Manager

September 9, 2019

COFI Japan joint promotion efforts with the Japan Wood Truss Council is resulting in expanded opportunities for dimension lumber use in non-traditional markets. As a case in point, a new private elementary school is being constructed with wood in a town named “Tamamura” in Gunma prefecture: about a 100 km north of Tokyo. Currently the school’s East wing is under construction and is scheduled for completion in November 2019. Once finished, the school will have a total of 12 classrooms, a library, drawing and cooking room, main office, staff room and principal’s office for 200 children to attend grades one through six.

The building is a 2×4 structure that cleverly uses roof trusses to create the building’s unique open design and large spans. A special truss was also incorporated into the building’s roof design to allow a simple and clean installation of air-conditioning units within the ceiling. The general contractor for the project was Kadoya Kogyo and the sub-contractor for the 2×4 structure and trusses was R-Frame. R-Frame is an established 2×4 component manufacturer that recently started fabricating trusses and joined the Japan Wood Truss Council last fiscal year. To expand dimension wood use in non-residential applications, COFI Japan conducts extensive market outreach jointly with the JWTC in the form of joint seminars, web promotions and publications. This school project is an excellent example of Canadian SPF used in these truss applications. The owner and principal of the building commented that they went with wooden school building “as it proved to be the best way to provide a safe, healthy and natural environment for both students and staff in a cost-effective manner”.


Check out the video case study produced by COFI Japan and Japan Wood Truss Council.