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High-End Wood Structure Construction Seminar held in Chongqing – Promoting the Beauty of Wood Architecture

Jessica Shang

By Jessica Shang

Business Development Coordinator,CW China

November 13, 2019

The Elegant Demonstration of Modern Structure Construction — Achieving High-End Wood Structure Construction Seminar was held in Chongqing on October 29. The seminar inspired developers in Chongqing and also in other areas in China, especially young talents in the construction industry, encouraging them to adopt wood-frame constructions in future projects. 

Nearly 100 people, including architectural designers, property developers, builders and media, attended the seminar. During the symposium, five speakers from Chongqing Longfor (a primary real estate developer in Chongqing), Challenge Design and Jaz Build, as well as staff from Canada Wood China shared their views on trends, operations, designs, and construction pertaining to modern wood-frame constructions 

After the seminar, the attendants visited the Sales Department and Sample Houses of Longhu Changtan Yuanlu and Art Center of Huayu Yulinfu Chongqing. Chongqing Yuanlu Community Centre,  designed by Jie Lee from Challenge Design, won the International Design Award in March 2019. The news was announced at the 15th annual Wood Design Awards ceremony held by the organizer, WoodWORKS! BC, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

Chong Qing, located in the southwest of China, is part of the Chinese government’s strategy in developing the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The municipal city has over 30 million people and has become the most populated city in China. The city’s mountainous landscape provides a good opportunity for using wood construction for its tourism and hospitality sector. Considering its significance in geographic location, size, and political status as the economic centre for the South Western region, Chongqing is a strategically important city for Canada Wood China to develop in recent years.