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Installation of PEEWW completed on Yantong project

Dora Xue

By Dora Xue

Manager, Marketing & Communications

February 5, 2018

Installation of prefabricated energy efficient wood walls (PEEWW) has been completed on the first floor of a demo project in Changzhou City.

The project that supported by Canada Wood China (CWC) is a two-story construction with a precast concrete frame and PEEWW.

It took builders just four hours to complete the first floor walls as all the walls were already prefabricated offsite. The walls were installed in a precast concrete frame at the construction site in Wujin Green Construction Industry District.

The installation of the second floor prefabricated wood walls is expected to take place the week of January 29th 2018. while the work on roofing is slated to be completed by early March 2018.

The exterior and interior walls feature prefabricated walls while super structure make from precast concrete and glulam posts and beams.

Installing a PEEWW on the ground floor on January 17th, 2018

The project is a collaboration between CWC and Yantong Co. (formerly known as “Truslink”), which is one of the leading precast concrete companies in East China.

The two sides signed an MOU on “research, development, promotion, application and cooperation on wood wall technology”, marking a milestone for CWC in its efforts to promote industrialized wood construction in the market. (For more details of the MOU, please click here.)

Current industry barriers against the wood wall technology includes uncertain cost viability, lack of familiarity among industry professionals and limited technical capacity.

The MOU allows CWC and Yantong to work together to build the demo building at Yantong’s factory, which will provide a reference and practical foundation for future research and development of the applications of wood infill walls.

The demo building will be used as an office for Yantong’s staff as well as a showroom for clients and visitors.