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Interviews with Canada Wood featured in “Multinationals in China” magazine and “Construction Times”

Lance Tao

By Lance Tao

May 3, 2017

Left to right: Lisa Dou, General Manager of FII China; Eric Wong, Managing Director of CW China; Lance Tao, Marketing & Communications Director of CW China

Recently, Canada Wood China was prominently featured in two Chinese publications including the government-backed “Multinationals in China” and “Construction Times”. Media exposure such as this provides us with a great opportunity to raise awareness of modern wood designs in an effort to position wood as a legitimate alternative to concrete and steel. 

In March, 2017 “Multinationals in China” magazine featured an article titled Developing Timber Architecture and Fulfilling Sustainable Development; the article was based on an interview with Managing Director of Canada Wood China Eric Wong, General Manager of FII China Lisa Dou, and Canada Wood China’s Director of Communications Lance Tao.

The article featured Canada Wood China’s past work in the market and communicated that modern wood architecture, and especially prefabrication, can help solve the current environmental challenges caused by traditional construction industry. As the spokesperson for Canadian lumber, Canada Wood China helps Chinese local construction industries and developers understand

Eric Wong in “Multinationals in China”

Canadian lumber better. “Multinationals in China” is a biannual publication with a circulation of over 400,000; the magazine focuses on special reports on the Chinese economy and current news. The publication reaches government departments and people working in industries related to modern Chinese economic development.

Since prefabrication is a government priority, government backed state-owned media are key to delivering our message to key government decision makers.