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Japan Monthly Manager’s SPF Report, May 2012

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan

May 30, 2012

Market Development


Web Seminars

One more web seminar was successfully completed on May 8th, with 63 persons logging on to COFI’s virtual web portal site in Japan to participate in the two hour live session or to review the taped session afterwards at their own leisure. The web seminars have proved to be popular with architects, designers and other building industry professionals alike. Another series of eight seminars are now being scheduled with the first session to begin on June 19th and the remaining seven sessions to carry on through until October 2nd. As the name suggests, these seminars help train building professionals on the fundamentals of building single-family and multi-family structures using the 2×4 construction method by means of the internet and virtual seminar room. 

Elderly Care Seminar

COFI participated in one elderly care related seminar in Tokyo on May 13th (Nikkei Healthcare – Senior Living Seminar), which had 241 in attendance and is currently preparing to participate in another seminar on May 30th (Koureisha Newspaper – Elderly Housing Fair), also in Tokyo. The respective speakers for these two seminars being Mr. Takashi Nakamura of Seibu Construction and Mr. Hisato Yoshitaka of Yoshitaka Architects & Consulting. Both speakers were arranged by COFI, as they have first-hand knowledge and experience in planning, designing and managing the construction of large 2×4 fireproof elderly care facilities in Japan.  Two other project visit seminars, that are also targeting owners and operators of elderly care facilities are in the works for Chiba Prefecture (Nursing Home Tokiwaen) the end of June and Aichi Prefecture (Nursing Home Yuinosato) the beginning of July.


To further prompt interest and enhance the demand for building wooden elderly facilities using the 2×4 construction techniques, a two page advertorial was released in the May issue of Nikkei Health Care publication, highlighting the Nursing Home Tokiwaen 2-storey 4,000 m² project that recently opened this April in Chiba Prefecture. The article give a firsthand account of the owner’s and architect’s experiences and why this particular project was designed and built using the 2×4 construction method.

Also this month, supported by COFI, the Senior Business Market released its May publication as a feature of articles on the topic of “Caring for Seniors & 2×4 Elderly Care Facilities in Japan.” In this special issue, four articles were written introducing newly completed large and medium sized 2×4 seniors facilities; the Nursing Home Tokiwaen (4,000 m²/2F) in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, the Granda Mitakadai Nursing Home (2,150 m²/2F) in Mitaka City, Tokyo, the Granda Tamagawa Nursing Home (2,000 m²/3F) in Ota-ku, Tokyo and last the Nursing Home Yuinosato (1,100 m²/1F) in Niwa-gun, Aichi Prefecture. Another article in this feature issue written by Mr. Takashi Nakamura of Seibu Construction also introduces the “Builder and Design Manual for Fireproof Elderly Care Facilities”, recently released and jointly produced by COFI and the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association.


Market Access

Fireproof Testing of PFC Non-Residential Partition Wall Assemblies

During May, COFI Japan held meetings with the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association to plan project work on enhanced fireproof partition wall assemblies. Planning work is being coordinated with the Japan 2×4 HBA Technical Committee.

 Research to Develop MID-PLY in Mid-Rise PFC Construction in Japan

On May 22nd COFI Japan held a working meeting at the Centre for Better Living (test centre) with structural engineering consultant Nihon System Sekkei to review test reports from the previous fiscal year and continue project planning for the 2012-2013 phase of the research.

Technical Research on Mid-Rise Structural Calculations

Project work continued with the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association technical experts to develop project plans for the coming fiscal year.

 Structural Testing & Evaluation of SPF Lumber in Post & Beam Roof Assemblies

During May COFI Japan met with Nihon Sekkei System engineers to plan program testing of horizontal membrane assemblies at the Centre for Better Living in Tsukuba.


Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project Follow Up

On May 14th, Canada Wood Japan, in collaboration with the B.C. Government, organized a visit by Premier Christy Clark and delegates to the M.O.U. signing ceremony for the first Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project in Natori City Sendai. Over 50 local and Canadian delegates partook in the ceremony and the event drew extensive mass media coverage in the Tohoku region. Following the signing ceremony, Canada Wood Japan continued project coordination for the first two selected projects in Natori City in view of initiating construction over the summer months.