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July 2020 Japan Residential Housing and Non-residential Starts

Shawn Lawlor

By Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan

September 28, 2020

While the rate of decline began to gradually ease, July’s total housing starts continued to trail year prior levels with an 11.3% decline to finish at 70,244 units. Owner-occupied housing declined 13.6% and rental housing fell 8.8%. The mansion condominium market fell 2.9%. Wooden housing fell 12.7% to 40,450 units. Post and beam starts fell 11.8% to 31,671 units. Wooden prefab fell 10.9% to 944 units. Platform frame starts dropped 16.4% to 7,835 units. By housing type, the breakdown in platform starts is as follows: custom ordered homes dropped 16.4% to 2,414 units, rentals declined 15.9% to 4,374 units and built for sale spec homes decreased 17% to 1,045 units.


July wooden non-residential starts totalled 1,578 buildings for a floor area of 308,019m2. Year over year June non-residential wooden floor area declined 20%. Non-residential wood use for the month is estimated roughly at 53,903m3. Wood held a market share of 39% by the number of buildings and 10.3% by floor area for the month. By usage elderly, medical care and social welfare facilities topped the list, followed by mixed residential-commercial and agricultural buildings.