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Korea Dagagu Demo house construction starts

Jae Choi

By Jae Choi

Technical Consultant/ Canada Wood Korea

September 9, 2019

Construction work has started on Canada Wood’s Dagagu house demo project in Incheon, Korea. The building is a multi-family house comprised of two units, with a total floor area of ​​240m2. The objective is to demonstrate the technical viability of the Midply shearwall system and Super-E® housing technology, and showcase wood as a safer and greener building option for the growing single- and multi-family housing market in Korea. Canada Wood Korea is providing ongoing technical and material support to this demo initiative.

Mr. Hong Gyu-Taek, the contractor of the demo house, participated in the first intensive Super-E® training, delivered this August in Korea. The training course was a joint effort between Canada Wood Korea and Dankook University to teach industry theory and best practices for Super-E® technology. “Through the 10 days of intensive technical training both on theory and hands-on working, I was able to learn best practice for air-tightness and insulation retrofit that’s needed to meet the Super-E® standard. I will apply the knowledge and skills learnt to the demo house project,” said Mr. Hong.


What is Super-E®?

Super-E® was specifically developed as an export version of its domestic R-2000 Program by Natural Resources Canada. Super-E® is a solution to the challenge of delivering a high-quality, comfortable, energy-efficient and healthy housing standard.

What is the Midply shearwall system?

The Midply shearwall system, originally developed by FPinnovations, is a high capacity shearwall solution specifically for mid-rise wood-frame construction. Panels constructed using the Midply system have more than double the shear resistance of single face ply-braced panels. The nails are in double shear and more stud surface area is available for connection.