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Korean National TV Network Airs Documentary, “Life-Enhancing Wooden Space”

Min Hong

By Min Hong

Office Manager & Accounting, Canada Wood Korea

November 2, 2020

Recently, Korean media has been paying more and more attention to tall wood buildings and wood as a building material.

On October 18, SBS – one of South Korea’s three national television networks – aired a 50-minute documentary focusing on the benefits of wood use in a built environment, the environmental benefits of wood buildings, and especially on the restorative quality of exposed wood in.


Key messages of the documentary included:

  • If you cannot go “forest bathing” regularly, you can bring the forest into your space by building with exposed wood
  • The use of wood brings nature’s health benefits into the built environment
  • Engineered wood products and mass-timber construction allows for wooden buildings that are both tall and safe
  • Use of wood can help mitigate climate change

To view the video: