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Low-Rise Commercial Opportunities for Dimension Lumber

Yusuke Neriko

By Yusuke Neriko

August 23, 2018

I recently had the opportunity to travel in Hokkaido to conduct market research on the possibility of Douglas Fir Larch J-Grade in Japan. With market research consultant Mr. Iida, I visited nine companies between July 23rd and 25th. Over the course of these meetings, I was also unexpectedly impressed by developing trends of 2×4 non-residential construction. The trends point to new possibilities for 2×4 building construction using of dimension lumber; specifically, in agricultural buildings such constructing livestock barns and warehouses.

In taller and Midrise structures often-times the main materials used are engineered woods such as Glue-lam, LVL and CLT. However, the main materials used for low-rise buildings are solid lumber. Dimension lumber used in truss applications are perfectly suited for achieving wide spans in low rise agricultural buildings. Moreover, by using the Midply Wall System instead of standard shear walls, the number of shear walls can be reduced. This enables the design of buildings which have wide spans. As low-rise buildings with large spans are highly suitable for Canadian lumber in Japan, I would like to pursue technical market development of this sector in the future.