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Lumber Shipments

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

August 1, 2018

BC softwood lumber export volume to South Korea for the first five months of 2018 decreased 20.3% to 99,261 cubic meters as compared to 124,495 cubic meters for the same period of 2017.
This significant decrease comes from  continuously weakened BC Coastal shipments in the second quarter of 2018 and decreased housing starts in the South Korean residential construction segment forced by the South Korean government’s strong intervention to limit the supply of new homes from August 2016 to check rise in household debts and curb rising house prices.
Export value for the same period decreased 3.3% to CAD$34.209 million as compared to CAD$35.367 million for the same period in 2017. Lumber prices in Canada has trended upward while prices for lumber prices in the Nordic countries continue to be depressed in the U.S. dollar terms.