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Maple Tree Planting Ceremony strengthened friendship between Canada and Korea

Canada Wood Team

By Canada Wood Team

July 4, 2018

On May 28th, 2018, the Maple Tree Planting and Stone Monument Unveiling ceremony took place at the Gapyeong Canada village, ‘Dong Yeon Jae.’ The ceremony was attended by the Canadian Ambassador, Eric Walsh, the director of the EEEA, Jeff Culp, CEO of the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation (GICO), Kim Yong Hak, CEO of the Korea Wood Construction Association (KWCA), Kim Gyeong Hwan, and the Country Director of the Canada Wood Korea.
Dong Yeon Jae, which is the Gapyeong Canada Village currently being developed near the Bukhan River, is the first large-scale suburban wood housing project in Korea pushed forward by a public enterprise, namely, GICO. Since the project’s initial launch, all efforts have been put into achieving its goal as an energy-efficient and eco-friendly wood housing complex. In July last year, GICO, with support of CWK, signed a technical cooperation service agreement with the Super-E® Office (EEEA). In December, the first Super-E® demonstration home was completed with technical support from CWK and Super-E® EEEA, and opened for public viewing.

To mark the active industry exchange between Canada and Korea, the Canadian Embassy made a gift of a maple tree to be planted in the entrance of Dong Yeon Jae. In return, GICO donated a stone sculpture signifying the friendship between the two countries.