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“Mid-ply Walls” featured at the 2018 Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair

June Moon

By June Moon

Technical Assistant / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

October 31, 2018

Canada Wood Korea (CWK) participated in the Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair 2018, which was held at BEXCO from September 12 to 16. Busan is the second capital of Korea and one of the largest cities. This year CWK publicized the advantages of Midply Shearwall structures in the booth. The Midply Wall System is an innovative redesign of standard shear walls that possess outstanding resilience to severe earthquakes and extreme winds. Midply walls sandwich OSB panels between 2x4s that are positioned on their flattest side. Sandwiching the panel in this way results in Midply walls having greater structural integrity and effectively dissipate seismic energy.
Also, during Busan Kyunghyang Housing Fair, CWK held various events while running a booth including Canada-Korea Wood Festival 2018 together with five universities in the BEXCO outdoor exhibition place and seminars and meetings with architects in Busan.