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Midply Dealer Network

Yusuke Neriko

By Yusuke Neriko

May 6, 2019

Canada Wood has been working on gathering manufacturing partners of Midply panels and making a list of Midply dealer network. We had seminars and held workshops about Midply last fiscal year and understood what kinds of support or improvement are needed to use Midply in buildings. They are classified into three types. The first is to establish structural calculation methods. The second is to improve performances other than lateral strength. The last is to improve workability to install Midply panels to building frames. We had several meetings with panels companies this month in order to resolve workability issues as well as to gather manufacturing partners of Midply panels.

It is not difficult to fabricate Midply panels, but the structure of Midply panels are different from ordinary ones. For that reason, we need to explain Midply panel structures to panel companies and to ensure they understand the differences. So far, so good.

We had accepted registration from three companies this month: Mitsubishi Jisyo Jutaku Kakou Center, Chiba city; Hinokibun, Nagoya city; Taihei housing, Kaji city. We will continue this in- channel activities and expand the Midply dealer network.