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New PFC Elderly Care Facility Design Manual Released

Hidehiko Fumoto

By Hidehiko Fumoto

Deputy Director and Manager Technical Services, Canada Wood Japan

May 2, 2012

Over the past year COFI Japan in collaboration with the Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association’s Public Building Technical Committee has been working to develop a comprehensive designers guide for fireproof elderly care facilities. While the number of 2×4 fireproof care facilities is growing in Japan, there remains a tremendous need to educate builders and general contractors on the merits and methods of 2×4 PFC care facilities. The design manual is intended to address the knowledge gap for builders who are experienced in building homes, but are unfamiliar with larger public structures as well as general contractor companies that are experienced in building elderly care homes in reinforced concrete, but not in wood.

COFI Japan participated as a guiding member of the Elderly Care Facility Design Manual Working Group.  The working group committee was comprised of leading PFC elderly care home experts including the Chair, Mr. Seino (Mitsui Home); Fumoto (COFI); Bews (COFI); Mr. Nakamura (Seibu Construction); Mr. Iwata (Seibu Construction); Mr. Echizen (Tokyu Construction); Mr. Sato (Sato Benec); Mr. Sato (Consultant, Home Research One); and Mr. Tsujimura (Secretariat, 2×4 Association). In addition the working group also invited Mr. Yoshitaka, Mr. Fujishima and Mr. Hiraguchi to contribute to the guide development as specialist architects in the field of PFC fireproof elderly care facilities.

The final designers guide totals 104 pages and includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1:      Explanation of the Merits PFC Elderly Care Facilities

Chapter 2:      Overview of PFC Fire Resistive, Earthquake Resistive, Durability & Energy Efficiency Performance

Chapter 3:      2×4 Elderly Care Facility FAQ’s (Structure, Cost, Maintenance, etc…)

Chapter 4:      Considerations & Recommendations when Designing PFC Elderly Care Facilities

Chapter 5:      Construction & Project Management of PFC Elderly Care Facilities

Chapter 6:      Case Study Examples of PFC Elderly Care Facilities

The manual also includes appendices that provide related information on legal framework including Fire Code and Ministry of Health & Welfare requirements and additional supplementary data impacting Elderly Care facilities. Dissemination of the manual will be coordinated through SPF Group market development programs and Japan 2×4 Home Builders Association seminars.