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New Korean treated lumber standard proposed

Tai Jeong

By Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

November 23, 2011

CWK held a Round-Table-Discussion meeting with Korean treated wood industry on November 3, 2011 to introduce the CSA O80-2008 Wood Preservation Standard,  Canadian field testing result and proper construction technique for durability. Followed by greetings from Mr. Paul Newman on behalf of Canadian wood industry, the invited  anadian expert, Dr. Jieying Wang of FPInnovations provided a special presentation on Wood Preservation for Residential Products’ to the 26 participants from Korean treating and wood industries, universities and research institutes. This RTD meeting was aimed to encourage Korean industry and research institutes to develop treatment standards for residential wood product similar to CSA O80. After the meeting, the Wood Committee hair, Prof. Sang Sik Jang showed a keen interest to develop a new KS treatment standards based on use classes specified
in the ISO 21887.

The very next day, Mr. Paul Newman and Dr. Jieying Wang along with CWK staff visited Jinju to conduct performance inspection for the field testing of preservative treated Canadian species together with Dr. Ra of Kyeongnam National University of Science and Technology.