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Parliamentary Delegation Sees Opportunities for Wood Projects in China

Eric Wong

By Eric Wong

Managing Director, Canada Wood China

June 5, 2019

A Canadian Parliamentary delegation had a meeting with Nanjing Tech University (NTU) when they visited the institution on May 23, 2019. The delegation was impressed by positive trends and opportunities in wood construction, especially mass timber, in China. The meeting also sent a positive signal in Sino-China relationships amid a sensitive season.

The Canadian Consulate in Shanghai organized the meeting with support from Canada Wood China (CW China). Senator Joseph A. Day and MP Joe Peschisolido led the nine-member delegation.

During the meeting, NTU, a leading university in timber engineering in China, introduced the development of wood construction in China, related R&D works, as well as wood structure projects that the university performed and designed. It also recognized the quality of Canadian lumber as the best for timber structures.

CW China provided the delegates a brief introduction of its market development program, its partnership with NTU in developing codes and standards and promoting greater use of Canadian lumber in wood constructions.

NTU did quite a few designs of modern wood constructions in recent years, including the Changzhou Yancheng Middle School Gym project, the swimming pool of Jilin Fitness Centre, and Suzhou Xuhong Timber Arch Bridge.