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Pilot CLT Plant in China

Dora Xue

By Dora Xue

Manager, Marketing & Communications

October 2, 2017

CLT Production Line

We visited a CLT plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on August 31st. This plant is the company’s first pilot plant – Ningbo Sino-Canada Low-Carbon Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. whose CTO used to be a senior scientist at FPInnovations – Dr. Brad J. Wang.

As a professor who has been studying the CLT technology for several years, Dr. Wang has abundant knowledge of it. He was involved in writing CLT Manufacturing Chapter II of CLT Handbook (both Canadian and USA versions) in June 2012 and 2013. Two years later, Dr. Wang led a group back to China

Glue application

and built this first pilot CLT plant and made the first batch of Canadian hemlock CLT. The plant covers an area of 13,500 m2 in Ningbo and was put into use in November 2015.

At the plant, we saw a mature and professional production line of CLT. Hemlock pieces are glued together with imported glue, then rolled to press process. The operation is strictly in accordance with Canadian manufacturing process. The company held a patent for its hemlock CLT and bamboo-wood composite CLT in China.

CLT press

“If we take 5% market share, the market for prefabricated wood construction will be about 25 billion Canadian dollars every year. And nowadays, there is a big push in China toward off-site construction. Two standards have been officially published in 2017 related to prefab wood construction”, said Dr. Wang. CLT can be used not only for construction, but also for indoor/outdoor furniture and access mat, and so on.