Planning Session to Highlight Wood Use in Osaka 2025 World Expo

Shawn Lawlor

By: Shawn Lawlor

Managing Director, Canada Wood Japan/COFI Japan

As part of a planning session of the Osaka Federation of All Wood Industries, Canada Wood participated in a meeting with Osaka Expo project designers to explore opportunities to highlight wood use in the Osaka 2025 World Expo. Canada Wood delivered a presentation demonstrating previous examples of wood use in world expositions to the project design team. With the Expo focused on alignment with SDG sustainability targets, there is keen interest in incorporating extensive wood use. In addition to featuring wood in pavilions, the project is considering a 2-kilometre wooden boardwalk ring that would encircle the Expo site in Osaka’s Yumeshima district. The boardwalk being considered has a width of 30 meters and its elevations will vary from ground level to up to 18 meters in height. While still at the conceptual stages, the Osaka Expo organizers will commence the project design phase in fiscal 2021. Total potential wood use is estimated at 200,000m3.