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Prefabricated Energy-Saving Cladding System Launched

Lily Sun

By Lily Sun

Business Development Director, Canada Wood China

July 5, 2019

The newly built R&D centre of Matechstone

The Matechstone Taixing project supported by Canada Wood China (CW China) was completed in June. It is the first commercial demonstration project using a precast concrete and wood infill building envelop system in China. A project opening and product launch ceremony was held on June 22 at the site.

The new building envelop system used in the demonstration project, branded as PEC System (Prefabricated Energy-saving Cladding), is the first of its kind in China, showcasing how wood construction fits well with China’s construction industrialization.

Video: Promotional video of Taixing Matechstone R&D Centre Project

The two-story, 2,455-square metre hybrid structure is the result of three years of collaboration with Matechstone, a leading precast manufacturer in East China established in 2015. CW China provided significant technical support from design to prefabrication and also during the construction process. SPF and Douglas fir from Canada was used in the project. It will be used as the company’s R&D centre.

Matechstone and CW China also renewed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the day, agreeing to further develop and promote the PEC system together. The PEC system used in the Taixing project, installed on the concrete slab of each floor, is regarded as version one. The plan is to develop PEC version two, which would be a hung type close panel system for high-performance energy efficient building envelop.

Matechstone recently received a major capital infusion via its new major shareholder Shanghai Electric Group. With the new investment, the company plans to expand precast concrete plants in China.

CW China started to work with Matechstone in May 2017, when the first MOU was signed. The first infill wall trial project was in Matechstone’s Changzhou Plant, which was completed in March 2018.