Hardwood connoisseurs appreciate the high density of this type of wood and its various colours. The many hardwoods available in Canada can be used in countless ways – from furniture to sports equipment to hardwood flooring.

When it comes to creativity, wood has a long history. From ships to structures, handles to homes, wood is ingrained in the way we live. It has inspired artists, musicians, and architects for thousands of years. There are as many kinds of hardwoods as there are ways to use them. Both genetics and geography determine wood density, bending strength and hardness. But these technical characteristics don’t have to limit one’s imagination. Most hardwoods are multipurpose. Color and grain can therefore be a guide. The variety in appearance and relative hardness makes almost anything possible.

Wood grade is determined based on the percentage of board that is clear
from knots and other imperfections. Wood from Quebec is graded according to the standards of the National Hardwood Lumber Association. Also it has the benefit of being denser since it comes from trees growing in a very cold climate.