Value-added Products05_value_added

“Value-added” is a term globally used to describe materials that have been remanufactured from rough lumber or logs, into a higher grade of finished product.

Two types of remanufactured products are generally recognized:

  1. semi-finished and finished products
  2. remanufactured lumber

1. Semi-finished and finished products are manufactured from
commodity wood products and may include:

  • engineered wood products (laminated beams, trusses, wood I-beams, etc.)
  • millwork (doors, windows, architectural woodwork, turnings, etc.)
  • cabinets (kitchen & vanity cabinets, cabinet doors, countertops, etc.)
  • furniture (household furniture, ready-to-assemble furniture,
  • commercial and institutional furniture, patio furniture, etc.)
  • pallets and containers, and
  • other wood products (chopsticks, ladders, toys, etc.)

2. Remanufactured lumber products include all lumber or wood product outputs from a remanufacturing process performed on sawn lumber input stock. The remanufactured process includes subjecting lumber input stock to one or more of the following processes including: change in thickness, width, length, profile, or joining together by finger joint or otherwise.


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