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Recent Building Trend: Benefits of Wood Building Featured by Korea’s Largest Broadcasting Corporation

Jae Choi

By Jae Choi

Technical Consultant/ Canada Wood Korea

July 28, 2020

The push for wood has been supported by one of Korea’s largest TV channels Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC). The media outlet recently featured a TV program headlined “The recent trend is wood frame building: the building with wood is stronger than the one with concrete?” which aimed at changing the building industry’s view of wood construction.

Video can be viewed from below link:

In South Korea, where its building industry is dominated by concrete and steel, wood as a new construction technique, needs to overcome a number of preconceptions from the designers and developers such as fire performance, environmental footprint and the structural strength in the earthquake. Convincing messages effectively came across in this video to demonstrate the decided advantage of wood construction. This video will be used as reference material for technical seminars, workshops and University-based