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SFS International Food Festival

Min Hong

By Min Hong

Office Manager & Accounting, Canada Wood Korea

July 5, 2012

Happy volunteers at the Canada booth.

CWK volunteered at the Canadian Embassy’s “Canada Booth” at the Seoul Foreign School International Food Festival on May 19. CWK displayed a mock-up wood framed home at the booth to promote Canadian wood framed technology. Ten countries displayed ten different booths. Countries included Canada, United States, India, Japan, Thailand, Mexico and more. All booths sold their own traditional and typical food. At the Canada Booth, we sold not only homemade food-pie, poutine, cookies, muffins, and fudge with maple syrup, nanaimo bars, maple syrup, and Canadian Wine. Several hundred visitors tried food from the Canadian booth. All the students from different countries and their families had really fun time and all proceeds from Canada Booth will go to the SFS Charity Action Team to help people in need. The SFS International Food festival is indeed a very meaningful event.