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Shanghai Xijiao banquet hall completes wood construction

Weizhou Fu

By Weizhou Fu

January 2, 2019

A new wooden banquet hall has been completed in October 2018, inside Xijiao State Guest Hotel Shanghai, a five-star hotel famous for hosting luxurious banquets and events for world leaders. Click here to see Bill Gates and Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan meet inside the banquet hall. 

Wood products are used extensively for the main structure and as a main feature in the banquet hall’s design. The result is a warm and congenial dining environment with a pleasing appearance sure to attract publicity.

This project is the outcome of a long-term partnership between Canada Wood and the Donghu Group, one of the three state-owned tourism groups in Shanghai.

After signing an MOU with the Donghu Group at the end of 2017, Canada Wood (CW) China started supporting this project during the design phase, helping a local design institute create a design scheme with wood.

Since construction started in May, CW China provided on-site builder and inspector training on a weekly basis. CW China inspected the project at each stage.

With the banquet hall covering an area of 383 sqm, including a reception area and kitchen, the structure symbolizes a row of big trees. The design goal was to create a functional, compact venue that compliments its private lakeside location and blends in with the surrounding forest.

Project Xijiao Banquet Hall
Location Shanghai, China
Size 856.64sqm
Completion October 2018
Project owner Donghu Group
Wood use Douglas fir, SPF, Hemlock