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SPF trial partner confirms order for second quarter

David Turnbull

By David Turnbull

Senior Product Advisor – Wood in Manufacturing, CW China

January 29, 2019

A Chinese manufacturer located in southern China’s Guangdong province that used Canadian softwood for a trial confirmed another order of 2,000 cubic metres of SPF in Q1 2019.

Before this, the manufacturer, purchased 3,000 cubic metres of SPF to make furniture and edge glued panels in Q4 2018.

The subsequent orders came after a product trial Canada Wood China (CW China) in August 2018. CW provided the company with 5.4 cubic metres of SPF J Grade, supplied by a major Canadian producer. CW China provided technical support on handling and processing SPF during the trial.

The manufacturer was pleased with the SPF-made furniture components compared to the stock sourced from Scandinavia. The production crew noted that SPF was relatively gentle on their equipment. They needed to sharpen planer knives less frequently, which increased running time and lowered costs.

CW China will showcase some of the SPF-made furniture at the Guangzhou Furniture Fair in March 2019. Photos of the demo furniture were shot in January 2019 for future promotion.

CW China Product Trial Program:
Canada Wood China has been providing SPF and Hemlock samples to furniture and door manufacturers who we believe could benefit from using Canadian softwoods. In return, these partners agree to undertake recovery and economic analytics with us to determine the viability of programs. Products produced from these programs can be used for display purposes at various trade shows and seminars throughout China.