Spreading Love. Fostering Inclusion.

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

Canada Wood Korea focuses on the inclusion of all peoples, both in terms of our leadership and who and how we are engaging with the public. Recently, we took part in a donation ceremony to raise awareness for people with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome prevalence in Korea is relatively low at 3.7 per 10,000 livebirths according to Korean statistics. Korean people with Down syndrome face barriers to marriage, work and daily living.

The creative arts are an important way for people with Down syndrome to communicate and express their feelings. We recently donated 100 packages of gifts, including small cut-outs of wooden house blocks made during our training programs to inspire students.

Wood house cutouts (2×4 and 2×6) made during the University-Based training

What they did with those wooden house mock-ups was truly amazing. We were astonished by the vivid expression of their individuality through their beautiful colouring and decoration. This was the first donation event the Down community centre arranged after the onset of COVID, and we are profoundly grateful for this opportunity to be able to support our local community and share our love with those with amazing talents and abilities.

The students with Down Syndrome expressed their imaginations and creativity in art using wood house cutouts.
Group photos with Director Insook Kim and Executive Director Changho Han of Down Syndrome Community Rehabilitation Centre