Tall Wood Building Presented in Korean Documentary Channel

By: Tai Jeong

Country Director, Canada Wood Korea

A documentary featuring a group of Korean architects and professors who are spearheading the development of wood construction in the country was aired on YTN, a 24-hour news channel network in South Korea.

Mass timber construction is taking off across the globe, and it also catches lots of attention by the mainstream Korean media. The technological advancement of engineered wood products is offering new opportunities for the building industry in Korea, according to the professionals interviewed in the documentary.

In 2016, the Korea Forest Service (KFS) built a four-storey wood building for the first time in the country, a facility that is now being used as a research center for the organization.

Last year, the organization completed Korea’s tallest wood building demo, an 18 meters high hybrid building to demonstrate the viability of mass timber construction in Korea. A more ambitious plan is also conceived by KFS to embark on another project for a 10-storey apartment tower in the coming years.