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Three stories about wood houses

Steve Ross

By Steve Ross

Senior Director, Technical Services, Canada Wood Shanghai

May 3, 2017

Wood house wedding

On one of our site visits we were fortunate enough to see upon arrival that the resident of the wood home was hosting a wedding. Canada Wood was welcomed to join the wedding as the resident remembered CW helping the local builder with the construction of the home 8 years ago. And this was the first house built under the reconstruction initiative.

Tofu guy’s wood house

One of the local men from Guanzhuang was hired by CW to help with the construction of the demo homes build his own wood framed home after learning how to frame with us. When CW built the two story demo home next to his lot, where his house was destroyed, we had no form of scaffolding for the exterior finishing so we had to use SPF to build a scaffold all around the building. After the building was completed CW offered him the lumber that was used for scaffolding, with this he built his new wood framed home, where today he works behind it making tofu for the town.

Hu’s wood construction company- Dongliang Wood Structure

A few local companies began to build wood homes while CW worked in the in Qingchuan. Many wood buildings were built all around the area. But with the remoteness it was very difficult for small companies to succeed in an area where concrete and brick buildings have been the normal building material for countless years. But there is one major success story of a man that did not quit and pushed on to become a very successful wood frame contractor Mr. Hu. When CW first arrived in Guanzhuang, we noticed a wood framed house on the side of the road. As this is extremely rare in rural China we immediately had to stop and see who built it. Mr. Hu built his own wood home and was in the early stages of starting what would become a successful wood frame construction company. On our return to Guanzhuang, Mr. Hu saw us on the side of the road and was very happy to see that CW had returned. He took us to see some of his projects and amazed us with how hard he had worked to create his dream. He now builds large scale buildings and has moved his company to Mianyang. He is very busy and has some very ambitious projects.