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Tour of Wooden Resorts Inspires Developers

Jessica Shang

By Jessica Shang

Business Development Coordinator,CW China

July 5, 2019

Participants listen to the introduction of Naked Stables Resort.

An early summer trip to visit five wooden resort hotels built with Canadian lumber in and nearby Hangzhou city attracted more than 50 professionals in mid-June, including five real estate developers from central and eastern China. After the trip, the developers said they intended to adopt wood frame constructions in future projects.

“I would like to consider wood structure for upcoming projects, for example, the tall wood building in Zhejiang Yiwu Ice and Snow Town,” said Liu Guoliang, project developer of Zhongao Sports Development Company. He said he believed wood frame construction has a promising future in China because it fits well with nature.

“During the field trip, I was highly impressed by the harmony of wood houses blending in with nature. After learning about the advantages and cost of wood houses, I would like to adopt wood construction in my project near Huixin Retreat in Zhejiang,” said Li Jun, general manager of Xinyishang Properties Company.

The developers toured five houses built in recent years in eastern Zhejiang Province, which features abundant natural resources. CW China provided technical support to some of the projects. For example, the team provided consultations on fire protection for Naked Stables Resort, which has quickly become a popular resort hotel.

New government policies will likely present more opportunities to use wood in tourism applications. In 2013 and 2016, the government issued policies with the objective to boost the development of beautiful villages and featured towns to vitalize the economy of rural China.