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Two Super-E® houses in Korea Pass Stringent Air Tightness Tests

Tae Hwang

By Tae Hwang

Program Manager / Market Development & Market Access, Canada Wood Korea

November 7, 2019

Three wood-frame houses in Korea passed the pre-drywall blower door tests and scored 0.35 ACH50, 0.57 ACH50 and 0.61 ACH50. A passing air tightness score means these projects are on their way to being certified Super-E® House projects.


Blower door tests are used to determine the building envelope’s air tightness. To pass the Korea Super-E® standards, the home must fall under 2.0 ACH50 (two air changes per hour at 50 pascals of pressure) for semi-detached and 1.5 ACH50 for detached.


The first two houses were built by Wood Story, an experienced builder who built the Incheon Dagagu demo project. The Dagagu project showcases Canada’s unique expertise in Midply shearwall and Super-E® technologies, which contribute to earthquake safety, reducing emissions and enhancing energy efficiency.


The last house was built by Super-E® Designate* DuJon Housing Co.,Ltd. This was one of their first attempts to build a Super-E® house.


* A Super-E ® Designate is someone who has completed the Intensive Super-E® Training program and passed the test at the end of the training. Once a Designate successfully completes the first Super-E® House certification process, then the company is qualified as a full-fledged certified Super-E® Builder.

Wood Story’s Incheon Dagagu Demonstration Project










DuJon’s Songsan Detached House Project