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WFC projects awarded in tourism and healthcare

Leonard Mao

By Leonard Mao

Business Development Director

January 2, 2019

A total of 67 outstanding wood frame construction projects from 35 companies in the tourism and healthcare industries were awarded at the Sino-Canada Wood Conference in Beijing on December 12, 2018.

Organized by Canada Wood China, the “2018 China Outstanding Cultural Tourism and Healthcare Wood Structure Construction Competition” was created to promote green, comfortable and inventive technology in wood frame constructions.

It required almost half a year to collect project materials for the competition. In the end, 47 companies submitted 104 projects for award consideration. Wood construction practitioners were given a chance to display innovative designs, creative products, as well as new ideas and business models.

The organizer invited a jury committee to evaluate the projects and select award winners in 11 categories including: holiday villa, holiday cottage, tourist centre, homestay, club house, outdoors view auxiliary facilities, museum and nursing home.